Don’t ever insult a stripper by telling her you can’t afford the prices she wants. When Eric Jover’s company was hit by the recession -- hey, even the adult vid industry (Eric’s biz) has felt the pinch! -- he was left with minimal money and couldn’t afford the going rate for a lap dance. The stripper told him, if he had no money, to beat it… and he took her literally, beating off in front of her while she did a table dance. With his cock exposed, he was an easy mark for Latina stripper Serena Suarez, who promptly busted his balls -- figuratively and literally -- kneeing and kicking and punching and slapping and stomping his nuts, not to mention insulting them. Ouch!

What do you think is a fitting punishment for a Dirty Old Man who loves sniffing young college butt? When Duke Topaz, sleazy lawyer, visits Veronica Jett’s family’s home after she’s just returned from cheerleader practice, he finds the aroma of her sweaty butt-cheeks intoxicating and she finds his butt-sniffing revolting. So she does something about it: She kicks him in the nuts, alternately flashing him her thong panties and giving him another taste of CBT. And hey, she says, if you like sniffing my ass so much, have a REAL whiff of it… and she sits on his face and demands he tongue-wash her filthy asshole. Then she mauls his balls some more.

What would you do if you were a wife whose husband came home reeking of cheap perfume? When Shayne Rider’s husband fucks up that way, she not only gets him to admit that he’s strayed from the marital bed but gets even good and proper. Picture this: He’s in the kitchen with his balls exposed, and she’s wearing high heels. I think you get the idea. Behind tormenting him with her spikes, she squeezes his balls and even done some barefoot stomping on his sensitive gonads. But, still not done with him, she uses her teeth to inflict further misery on him. Chomp! Ow! Stomp! Owee! Shayne gets turned on by all this CBT, but her husband is simply in agony.

Helpful hint of the day: If you’re gonna be a peeping tom, don’t pick Heather Hurley’s window to peer in. She’s got a mean streak and a definite idea about how to handle nasty pervs like that. When she finds a guy snooping in her window, she doesn’t call the police. Oh, no! She just knees the guy in the groin, bites him on his dick, beats up on his ’nads, and totally trashes his sorry cock and balls.

Don’t say “Good night” to Hayden Night, because there is nothing “good” about Hayden Night. At least, not if you’re a man and caught in her web. She has a manslave, whom she shows off her treatment of in this video. And unless you enjoy cock and ball torture, you DON’T wanna be in his shoes! When introduced, he’s wearing a straitjacket. That’s our first clue. Hayden tosses him around like he was nothing but a tissue, and when she’s got him by the balls -- literally as well as figuratively -- she uses her hold on his gonads to squeeze them dry while she abuses his cock. Next she attends to her needs... and her “kneeds”... by kneeing him in the groin. Will he survive with his family jewels intact? It’s debatable!


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